Vitasindo or Vice Trans Indonesia is a business partner in the field of freight forwarder. We handle shipment from various countries and provide solutions to every logistic problem with economical and efficient. We are concerned about how handling and fast response becomes a fundamental customer need to make the business work. For that we involve the network layer to simplify any existing problems.
Vice Trans Indonesia handles international and domestic via air and sea (Export & Import), Project Cargo, Brokerage, Door to Door service, Warehouse, Export-Import Consultant, Trucking, Rent Heavy Equipment. We commit to customer as solution of logistic problem to achieve mutual success.
- China to Jakarta: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenzen, Xiamen, Xingang, Ningbo.
We as an export or import consultant also offer certainty of the flow of goods such as HS Code, Custom Regulation, documents required for Export or Import, even obtaining permission from relevant agencies. Domestic Shipping (Air, Sea, Inland Tranport) - Domestic Cargo - Inland Trucking from Port - Local pickup and delivery
- Singapore to Jakarta