About Us

Vitasindo or Vice Trans Indonesia is a company engaged in the field of consulting services and workmanship of legal documents of foreign workers. This company has been established since 2016 in Indonesia. We have proven total efficiency and effectiveness in service to investors from all over the world who come from various countries that develop and establish company in Indonesia.

We are an experienced consultant, incorporating multi-disciplinary professional expertise, including lawyers, public accountants, notaries, economists and corporate secretaries as well as providing cost effective business consultancy services.

Services in our company include:
1. Company Registration (PMA / Local Company / Office Rep)
2. The Investment Application Commission (which is 100% foreign-owned)
3. Application for Trade Permit, Import & Export Permit
4. Immigration Visa & Permit Application (IMTA)
5. Deed of Notary (JV agreement / Land Letter / Lease Renting, Sale and Purchase Agreement)
6. Trademarks, Patents & Legal Services.
7. Product Registration in Ministry of Agriculture.

Prioritize client satisfaction by providing efficient and effective short service so that clients can manage their operations with minimum cost, effective and efficient time.

1. All Clients are our Partners. We are committed to ensuring clients can operate efficiently and continuously by providing professional services such as management consulting, investment consulting, advisory bodies, quality management consultants according to clients' needs.
2. All staff are our partners. We are determined to care for all staff by providing a comfortable working environment, competitive compensation, good promotional prospects and comprehensive job training so that they can become good partners.
3. We are determined to be quality management in all services our professionals.